Our services

Optimed Healthcare works with pharmaceutical companies where it is clearly in the best interests of the NHS and patients. All projects and services go through a robust independent assessment to determine whether the pharmaceutical brand offers best in class value for the NHS. Every brand is rigorously assessed by our team of senior and experienced commissioning experts which include:

  • Heads of medicines management
  • GPwSi
  • CCG chief executive
  • Health economist

Few companies can claim to understand the NHS as well as us. We come from the NHS, work within it every day and know how to get things done. We speak the NHS language and we can translate it too!

We can provide pharmaceutical industry clients with the following services:

The NHS faces the significant challenge of realising over £20billion in efficiency savings over the forthcoming years. The introduction of cost effective medicines through CCG focused QIPP optimisation plans has been helmed as one means of achieving these savings.

We recognise that the NHS has limited capacity and cannot introduce every cost saving medicine. Our QIPP+ scheme allows commercial organisations to support CCGs by supporting them to access a pharmacist led multi therapy review service. This service provides CCGs with the following benefits:

  • A pharmacist led multi therapy review service which improves patient outcomes
  • Average annual prescribing savings in excess of £1M and security that routine cost/savings work has been accelerated/supported.
  • No CCG financial or resource investment required
  • Ability to re-invest savings to further improve patient care
  • A service that is delivered to NHS standards by experienced medicines optimisation providers

Bespoke therapy review services
All Optimed Healthcare bespoke therapy review services enhance patient care or benefit the NHS and maintain patient care. Our services provide patients with a full therapeutic review and clinical assessment which leads to a rational decision by the prescriber. This allows patients to receive optimal treatment or other non-medicinal interventions.

Optimed Healthcare pharmacists do not suggest and will not implement any switch service which simply changes a patient from one medication to another without a full clinical assessment.

NHS training
Optimed Healthcare employees have all worked or are currently working in senior medicine management, GP Federation, CCG commissioning or practice based pharmacist roles. Several of our senior managers have also worked in senior market access roles for leading pharmaceutical companies. We know how to translate NHS information and have utilised our experience to support a growing number of commercial organisations in their understanding of how to navigate and work with the NHS.

Real world evidence generation/patient audit
Optimed Healthcare work in hundreds of GP practices and are well placed to facilitate the capture of Real World Evidence which can support the development of value propositions.

Payer insights
We have access to an unrivalled network of NHS payers and are accustomed to working with these individuals to provide advisory boards to support the pharmaceutical industry with real payer insight.